• Create value for your company

    NEXT.FM utilizes cutting edge web technology to make real estate information available to the user anytime, anywhere and from any device: smartphone, tablet and PC.

  • Reduce your costs after only six months

    With NEXT.FM you can optimize your building maintenance process and start cutting down your costs instantly!

  • Try the true power of BIM

    BIM (Building Information Modeling) has shown his great potential and efficiency in the design and construction phase. Unleash its power for management and maintenance of a building during its life-cycle!

  • Easy to use, powerful and flexible

    Powerful and flexible tools based on BIM and cloud technology, made easy by an intuitive and used friendly interface.

  • Anytime and Anywhere

    You can access your data from any device with an internet connections and anytime you need it. Maximize productivity and cut down costs.

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    Strategic value

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    Cut down your costs

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    BIM Power

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    Easy to customize

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    Web & Mobile

The most innovative solution for Property & Facility Management

NEXT.FM allows for a complete integration with any BIM and CAD aided design platform thanks to the IFC standard.
NEXT.FM is a web-based platform, can be accessed anywhere and doesn't need any installation.
NEXT.FM, is accessible from any device that is connected to the internet or a local network: PC, smartphone o tablet.
Data Integration
NEXT.FM, integrates data from different sources; databases, aided design and modeling software, native data, data sheets, etc...
NEXT.FM guarantees easy access and data management along with the safety, as only a cloud platform could offer.
3D Visualization
NEXT.FM allows for interactive 3D visualization of assets, systems and structures in a building, simplifying facility management related operations.
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With NEXT.FM you can:
  • Manage data related to different structures;
  • Acces information with just on click anytime and anywhere;
  • Generate customized and beautiful reports;
  • Visualize floor plants, assets and documents;
  • Share your data through Intranet or Internet;
  • Dynamically find and visualize the required information;
  • Provide a reliable and efficient service to your organization;